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iLab Cores at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Bioanalytical Core Laboratory

Ganesh S. Moorthy, PhD 215-590-0142
Biorepository Resource Center

Susan Jones 215-590-0480
CHOP High Throughput Sequencing Core

Sean McSorley
CHOP Microbiome Center

Jessi Erlichman
Center for Applied Genomics - Core Services

Renata Pellegrino, PhD 267-426-0181
Clinical Vector Core

Stacey Piecyk 267-425-0178
Comparative Medicine Services Core

Geary "Chip" Smith (215) 630-8896
Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory

Florin Tuluc 267-426-5350
Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Core

Deborah French, PhD 267-426-9673
Metabalomics Core

Itzhak Nissim, PH.D (215) 590-3392
Pathology Core

Dan Martinez MARTINEZD@CHOP.EDU 267-426-5635
Proteomics Core

Lynn Spruce 267-426-5554
Research Information Services

Sun Yang
Research Staffing Core

Michele Toms 215-590-7727
Research Viral Vector Core

Research Vector Core 267-425-3017
Shipping Core

Katina Frangakis FRANGAKISK@EMAIL.CHOP.EDU 267-425-2079
Small Animal Imaging Facility

Sergey Magnitsky 215-590-2222
The Biostatistics and Data Management Core (BDMC)

Linda Sprouse / 267-426-7201 or 240-654-2869
Transgenic Core

Adele Harman
Translational Core

Nkecha Hughes 267-426-5243
Zebrafish (Aquatic) Core

Christoph Seiler, Ph.D. 215 590 4417

non-iLab Cores at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext