Shipping Core

The Shipping Core has closed. 

Visit the Request Services tab for required internal training information prior to shipping biologics/dry ice. 

A limited number of supplies are still available for purchase.


Overview of Services

The Research Institute Shipping Core (RISC) is a "fee for service" core facility that is available for the shipment of hazardous substances for all Research Institute faculty and staff. The Shipping Core provides comprehensive shipping services, including: - Proper classification, packaging, labeling, shipping and tracking of hazardous materials shipments; Shipping permit review and procurement assistance; Shipping training, Shipping supplies for purchase.



Denise Melvin | Director, Research Safety Programs

Katina Frangakis | Core Manager



Location and hours of operation


Hours   Location

 The Core has closed. Please view updates in the alert section of our website. 

  CTRB, A Level Loading Dock, A700
  Philadelphia, PA 19104

Links and Resources 

Shipping Core website


Name Role Phone Email Location
Katina Frangakis
Core Manager
CTRB, Loading Dock A-700
Research Institute Shipping Core

CTRB Loading Dock A-700