Shipping Core

There is only one instructor-led training class remaining prior to the June 1st cut off for biologics and dry ice shipping.

RISC will not ship items covered by shipping training after May 31, 2022 and will close on June 30th. Please visit the Request Services tab for internal training information. 


Overview of Services

The Research Institute Shipping Core (RISC) is a "fee for service" core facility that is available for the shipment of hazardous substances for all Research Institute faculty and staff. The Shipping Core provides comprehensive shipping services, including: - Proper classification, packaging, labeling, shipping and tracking of hazardous materials shipments; Shipping permit review and procurement assistance; Shipping training, Shipping supplies for purchase.



Denise Melvin | Director, Research Safety Programs

Katina Frangakis | Core Manager



Location and hours of operation


Hours   Location

9:00AM- 5:00PM

Sample Drop Off
10:00AM - 12:00PM and 1:00PM - 3:30PM

 New drop-off procedures have been implemented for 

social distancing measures. Please view updates to sample

drop-off, and order form deadlines in the alert section of our website. 

  CTRB, A Level Loading Dock, A700
  Philadelphia, PA 19104

Links and Resources 

Shipping Core website


Name Role Phone Email Location
Katina Frangakis
Core Manager
CTRB, Loading Dock A-700
Research Institute Shipping Core

CTRB Loading Dock A-700