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The Human Pluripotent Stem Cell (HPSC) Core, established in 2008, is part of the Raymond G. Perelman Center for Cellular and Molecular Therapeutics.  An infrastructure and solid foundation has been created for the generation, differentiation, and gene editing of induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) lines. Using the CRISPR-CAS9 gene editing technology, isogenic control and disease-specific iPSC lines can be created for modeling human disease to study mechanism, development, and establish new therapeutic modalities. The Core provides enrichment training courses for 1) growth and maintenance of iPSC lines, 2) differentiation to mesoderm, endoderm or ectoderm, and 3) gene editing.


Jean Ann Maguire, PhD | Technical Director


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Open:  Monday - Friday 1 PM - 2 PM

  3501 Civic Center Blvd, CTRB 10400
  Philadelphia, PA 19104



Name Role Phone Email Location
Jean Ann Maguire, PhD
Technical Director
CTRB 10063


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