Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory

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Overview of Services

The Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory provides access to state of the art instrumentation and professional flow cytometry services to members of the research community of The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and University of Pennsylvania; investigators from outside the campus are welcome to our facility. The lab is located in Suite 1207 on the 12th floor of the Leonard and Madlyn Abramson Pediatric Research Center. The staff has the expertise in performing a variety of flow cytometry applications, including sample processing for surface and intracellular staining, functional assays, complex multi-color flow analyses and cell sorting. 
Most cytometers and sorters are located in Suite 1207 in Abramson Research Center (ARC) at CHOP, with the exception of Aurora B (located in CTRB 10107).  


We have Aurora news!

We are excited to announce two new Aurora instruments in the Flow Lab:

      • The Aurora D (our third Aurora analyzer) has been installed in room 1207 (next to LSRFortessa) and it is ready to be used. 
      • Our second Aurora CS sorter has been installed in ARC 1207 AB and the calendar is open.  

 All three Aurora analyzers have autosampler. Samples can be automatically loaded from 96 well samples or from FACS tubes.


  • The Flow Lab is open 24/7 to users with a CHOP badge. Researchers from other institutions have access to the building only during business hours. 

  • Researchers from Penn who would like to use our facility should take the following steps:
    • Make sure you have an active iLab account. If necessary, sign up for an iLab account
    • Request a purchase order (PO) from your business manager for covering the utilization fees in our lab. 
      • In order to generate the PO, your business manager may ask for our BenBuys information, which is Phila 200, Site 49513, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.
      • Be aware that the PO does not trigger any payment, it only sets the upper limit for the dollar amount that we are allowed to invoice.
      • At the beginning of each month, our administrative team will send invoices for the services performed to Penn’s central Accounts Payable.
      • You can check the balance on your existing POs in iLab, by clicking on the PO tab.
      • The end-user is responsable for making sure that the correct PO is being used for each reservation on our calendars. Consult with your business manager if you have any doubts.
      • Since iLab does not allow end-users to edit past reservations, you must inform us immediately by emailing to flowcytometry@chop.edu if you notice that a charge for a reservation should have been set on a different PO.
        The Flow Core staff will make the necessary change on your behalf.
    • Enter the PO number in iLab. All end users and lab managers should be able to do this task. The PO will be reviewed and approved within two business days by our administrative staff. 
      • You may proceed with reserving equipment in iLab as soon as the PO is available.   
      • Request a new PO and enter it in iLab when the initial funds are running low. You will not be able to set up reservations in iLab if your funding is insufficient.
    • We request all Penn users apply for a CHOP token as soon as possible.  The token is a small device affixed  to the Penn ID, which allows for easy access into our building between 8AM and 6PM, without checking in with the security officer in the lobby. 
      (Without a CHOP token, access to our lab is possible only when the staff is present. Photo ID will be required by security and the access to the lab may be delayed.)
    • Email to CoresAdmin@email.chop.edu if you have general questions about iLab access.
    • Several Penn researchers signaled to us that it is difficult to find us in iLab. Here is a guide on how to find our iLab site. 



Our lab is organized as a Biosafety Level 2 (BSL-2) facility. Whenever possible, samples brought to the lab should be fixed using a method that effectively inactivates pathogens (e.g. formaldehyde, paraformaldehyde, detergents, high temperature).

A biosafety questionnaire is required for each reservation. The staff will assess the biosafety risks for your samples and we thank you in advance for your patience for your cooperation in keeping everyone safe.

The following requirements should be met by researchers present in the flow lab:

  • Gloves should be used at all times while touching equipment or accessories in the Flow lab.
  • lab coat is required when working in the flow Lab. We have a limited number of clean lab coats, please plan on bringing your own.
  • Samples should be filtered immediately prior to loading them on sorters to minimize the risks of clogging. We have posted by each sorter checklists on how to safely handle a clogged sorter.
  • Plan your flow or sorting experiment ahead of time; we will need time to review and address any biosafety issues.


For training sessions on analyzers please click the Request Services tab and submit  a Training request. 
One-on-one training sessions for cell sorting should be scheduled directly on the iLab calendar of each sorter

For a review of basic flow cytometry concepts check out the Molecular Probes tutorial series: 





Full-service sorting and semi-assisted sorting are available during business hours. Unassisted sorting is available during evenings and weekends.

Download the Guidelines for planning a cell sorting experiment in our facility.


We welcome your suggestions for improving the workflow and maintain the highest level of safety in the Flow Lab!


General questions or inquiries should be sent by email at flowcytometry@chop.edu and they will be auto-forwarded to all members of the flow lab. 





Click on the links below to check the availability of each instrument without signing in. 
To reserve instruments you must Sign in.



   Imaging system:
   Cell counter
  Software for flow cytometry data analysis
  • FlowJo and FCS Express (annual licenses can be ordered by logging in and clicking the Request Services tab)

For an introduction to FCS Express, watch the recording of the webinar we hosted on September 21, 2022.  Click here! 


  • Access to analyzers and software
  • Cell sorting
  • Hands-on training on cytometers and sorters
  • Sample preparation for surface and intracellular staining
  • Polychromatic flow cytometry assays for clinical research studies
  • Functional assays (intracellular calcium, apoptosis, cell cycle etc.)


  • The lab is open 24/7 to researchers who carry a CHOP ID.
  • Users from other institutions have access during business ours and they will need to sign in with the security guard in the lobby.
  • Easy Access to CHOP Core Facilities for frequent Penn Users is available using a token affixed to the Penn ID.
  • Penn BenBuys Information for Penn researchers: Phila 200, Site 49513.

Leadership and Staff

Florin Tuluc, MD, PhD

Jennifer Murray 
Senior technical specialist

John Lora 
Technical specialist

Angela Mckenzie
Technical specialist

Kevin Liedel
Technical specialist

Chloe Davis
Technical specialist

Sophia McKee
Technical specialist

Jorgi Strother
Technical Specialist


Links and Resources

  1. Lab orientation
  2. CHOP website
  3. FAQs
  4. Getting started
  5. Planning your first cell sorting experiment
  6. The optical configuration of our instruments
  7. Other core labs at CHOP

Location and hours of operation

Hours of operation:   Open: 24/7      |    Staffed: Monday - Friday 9 AM to 5 PM

Location:  3615 Civic Center Boulevard, Abramson Research Building, room 1207, Philadelphia, PA 19104 (see the map below)















Available Equipment and Resources

Analyzers (8)
Other (3)
Sorters (6)