BioRc Specimen Processing Unit

Overview of Services

Our Mission:  To process, store and distribute precious bio-samples following best practices.

Our Goal: Enable support for both ongoing research and future studies by providing biospecimen processing, storage and shipping capabilities.  Provide the highest quality biomaterials, specimen services, technical consultation and logistical support.

Our Vision:  To provide PBMC, blood, mucosal and tissue processing services to safeguard the integrity of future biomarker assays.

How We Operate: We work mainly on a project by project basis. We support Investigator-initiated, Divisional or Center-based IRB-approved and clinical trial specimen processing efforts. If you are interested in exploring our services please contact Richard Tustin at

Biobanking projects must meet the institutional principles and require approval via the BioRC Operational Committee (BOC*). However, fee for service projects, incorporating blood fractionation for isolation of serum, plasma and PBMCs as well as clinical trial sample support are also accepted without BOC approval.

Services (By project)

Sample Tracking and Processing

  • Enterprise LIMS system (Nautilus)
  • Laboratory Data Management System (LDMS)
  • Clinical trial specific data management systems
  • Labeling and tracking with barcoding (1D & 2D) and scanning systems.
  • Tracking and storage of all sample derivatives.
  • Blood fractionation.
  • PBMC isolation and cryopreservation.


  • IATA certified shipping for samples processed in the BioRC SPU

 Sample Storage

  • Dedicated and customized storage.
  • Temperature monitoring and redundant alarm systems.

Leadership & Staff

David Stokes, PhD| Technical Director

Richard Tustin III | Lab Manager

Annemarie Butler | Lab Technician


Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

9am to 6pm M-F  

ARC 1207C

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