CHOP Microbiome Center

Overview of Services

Looking for help with sequencing and analytics to advance your project? The CHOP Microbiome Center is the sequencing and analytical resource of the PennCHOP Microbiome Program, providing end-to-end solutions for microbiome research.

Our sequencing lab offers expertise in next-generation DNA sequencing for microbiome studies, working with customers to provide optimized workflows and customized protocols. Our analytical lab provides expertise in bioinformatics and statistical analysis of microbiome data. We develop an analytical plan specific to your project and can integrate microbiome data with other data sources, such as metabolomics or dietary intake information.

CHOP Microbiome Center services are available to researchers at CHOP, University of Pennsylvania, other academic institutions, and industry.


Robert Baldassano, MD | Co-Director

Frederic Bushman, PhD | Co-Director

Location and hours of operation


Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM

3615 Civic Center Blvd.  
ARC 903G
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Links and Resources

  1. Microbiome Core Website
  2. Project Inquiry Form
  3. Sample Submission Form - available upon request


Name Role Phone Email Location
Mistura Faro
Resource Coordinator
Ruth Fahey