CHOP Engineered Cell Therapy Core

Overview of Services

The CHOP Engineered Cell Therapy Core (ECTC) provides a resource for researchers with promising proof- of-concept to advance their chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T or other cell therapy research through all stages of the preclinical process, including design, construction, testing, and validation.

We work with researchers at CHOP, Penn, other academic institutions, and industry to provide a wide variety of laboratory and consultatory services.

Our Core is equipped to support both routine testing and more elaborate collaborative projects. We provide expert guidance in the design, construction, and selection of CARs and other cell therapies against a multitude of targets and diseases. We also offer small-scale lentivirus production and small-scale T cell transduction and expansion for experimental purposes.

Whether your goals are to simply save time on your project or to initiate a collaborative partnership, the ECTC looks forward to advancing your cell therapy research.

Service Offered

 * CAR design and construction                                       

 *  Project consultations                                                      

 * Extensive T cell phenotyping                                        

 * Mouse experiments (based on collaboration and prior consultation) 

 * CAR expression, function, and efficacy assay

  • T cell proliferation & restimulation assays
  • CD107a degranulation assay
  • Cytokine analysis
  • Toxicity assays

Leadership & Staff

Mark Duckworth | Sr. Program Manager

Jessi Perazzelli | Lab Administration

Jim Berstler | Project Manager


Location and hours of operation



Colket Translational Research Building, Room 3100

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Jessi Perazzelli
Lab Administration