Translational Core

Overview of Services

The Translational Core Laboratory (TCL) at CHOP provides a variety of services ranging from laboratory testing to specimen special processing. We support investigators at CHOP, UPENN and Wistar for patient-orientated clinical research as well as preclinical animal and cell studies. External academic or industrial requests can also be accommodated.

Our services are focused on the following functional areas:

  • Clinical tests for research purpose.  We use several IVD (in vitro diagnostics)-qualified instruments to provide clinical tests for research purpose.  These tests include Complete Blood Counts (CBC), HbA1c, clinical chemistry (e.g., CMP, lipid panel, Na, creatinine, etc), and clinically-relevant immunoassays (e.g., CRP, Cystatin, insulin, Vitamin B12, PTH, cortisol, etc).  CBC and clinical chemistry assays can also be used for animal studies.  We also perform special assays like blood ABO typing, erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR), etc.
  • Biomarker discovery.  Our "ELISA Center" and PCR-based Gene Lab test protein and gene biomarkers that are not provided in the clinical setting.
  • Specimen processing.  We process samples for PBMC, DNA/RNA, and other special purposes according to your protocol.  We are also equipped with a super-low temperature SpeedVac that allows us to perform certain organic extractions (e.g., peptides to facilite their immuno-detection).
  • Short-term sample storage.  Liquid N2 and -80C space is available on a short-term basis to facilitate sample testing and/or processing.


Leadership & Staff

Nkecha Hughes | Research Lab Manager              David Stokes | Technical Director
267-426-5243                                                              215-590-4752                                          

 Courtney Schmidt | Research Technician, 215-590-3218


Location and hours of operation

Hours   Location

Open:  Monday - Friday 9 AM - 5 PM

  3501 Civic Ctr Blvd
  Colket Translational Research Bldg, Room A450-A
  Philadelphia, PA 19104

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  1. Translational Core Laboratory (TCL) Webpage


Name Role Phone Email Location
Nkecha Hughes
Research Lab Manager

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