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Overview of Services

The Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory provides access to state of the art instrumentation and professional flow cytometry services to members of the research community of The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and University of Pennsylvania; investigators from outside the campus are welcome to our facility. The lab is located in Suite 1207 on the 12th floor of the Leonard and Madlyn Abramson Pediatric Research Center. The staff has the required expertise for performing flow cytometry applications, including sample processing for surface and intracellular staining, functional assays, complex multi-color flow analyses and cell sorting. 



On March 16, 2020 CHOP Research Institute decided to implement a lab depopulation strategy in order to help effectively the nationwide efforts of slowing down the spread of COVID-19 and avoid having the hospitals in our area overrun with sick people.

As of March 30, only life-sustaining activities, minimal equipment maintenance and approved research on COVID-19 is allowed in the Flow Lab at CHOP. 

No researcher is allowed to use any equipment in the Flow Lab without prior approval from the lab director, Florin Tuluc, MD, PhD (tuluc@chop.edu).

  • Staff will be present in the Flow Lab only by appointment, if absolutely necessary. 
  • Samples that can possibly contain live SARS-CoV-2 or any other pathogens that can be transmitted through aerosols may not be sorted in the flow lab at CHOP, since they pose great safety risks to the operator of the sorter and to other people in the building. Such samples require a BSL-3 sorting facilitynote that the Flow lab at CHOP is organized as a BSL-2 facility. For this reason, sorting of any human samples is not permitted.
  • All researchers are urged to wear masks while present in the Flow Lab in addition to standard personal protective equipment (lab coat, gloves). Unfortunately the flow lab cannot provide face masks for end-users at this time due to limited supply. 

These new policies are subject to change without notice if needed to prevent the spread of infection and reduce the risk for CHOP research core facility personnel and research lab personnel.

General questions or inquiries should be sent by email at flowcytometry@chop.edu and they will be auto-forwarded to all members of the flow lab. 

Do not hesitate to contact Florin Tuluc, MD, PhD by email  (tuluc@chop.edu) if you have any concerns about instruments or activities in the Flow Lab.



We are looking forward to seeing the COVID-19 pandemic coming under control and our lives going back to normalcy!




The Aurora spectral cytometer (5 lasers, 64 fluorescence detectors , plate loader) has been installed and it is fully operational.
Aurora can discriminate between fluorochromes with heavily overlaping spectra and it can detect over 40 colors in a sample.






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   Imaging system:
 Cell counter
Software for flow cytometry data analysis
  • FlowJo (licenses are available for $275/year) 
  • FCS Express (shared licenses using internet dongles, free of charge)



  • Access to analyzers and software
  • Cell sorting
  • Hands-on training on cytometers and sorters
  • Sample preparation for surface and intracellular staining
  • Polychromatic flow cytometry assays for clinical research studies
  • Functional assays


  • The lab is open 24/7 to researchers who carry a CHOP ID.
  • Users from other institutions have access during business ours and they will need to sign in with the security guard in the lobby.
  • Easy Access to CHOP Core Facilities for Frequent Penn Users is available using a token affixed to the Penn ID.
  • Penn BenBuys Information for for Penn researchers: Phila 200, Site 49513.

Leadership and Staff

Florin Tuluc, M.D., Ph.D

Jennifer Murray 
Senior technical specialist

Stephen G. Mahoney
Senior Technical Specialist

John Lora 
Technical specialist

Greg Suplinskas
Technical specialist

Amie Albertus
Technical specialist

Links and Resources

  1. Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory (main website)
  2. FAQs
  3. Getting started
  4. Planning your first cell sorting experiment
  5. The optical configuration of our instruments
  6. Other core labs at CHOP

Location and hours of operation

Hours       Location

Open: 24/7
Staffed: Monday - Friday 9 AM - 5 PM

      3615 Civic Center Boulevard
      Abramson Research Building, room 1207
      Philadelphia, PA 19104
     (see the map below)


Name Role Phone Email Location
Florin Tuluc
ARC 1208C
Jennifer Murray
Senior Technical Specialist
ARC 1207
John Lora
Technical Specialist
ARC 1207
Greg Suplinskas
Technical Specialist
ARC 1207
Amie Albertus
Technical Specialist
ARC 1207
Stephen G. Mahoney
Senior Technical Specialist
ARC 1207
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Available Equipment and Resources

Analyzers (7)
Other (4)
Sorters (4)