Metabalomics Core

Overview of Services

The mission of the Metabolomic Core at CHOP (MC@CHOP) is to provide analytical services to advance understanding of metabolism in health and disease states. Our state-of-the-art research facility allow investigators to carefully study the relationship between metabolome, fluxome and disease states such as cancer, diabetes, inborn errors of metabolism, metabolic syndrome, urea cycle defects, traumatic brain injury, drug addiction, sleep disorder, etc. Furthermore, MC@CHOP provides the analytical and theoretical wherewithal to investigate the impact of drugs on metabolism as well as the potential benefits and risks of a given drug treatment.

Directed by: (1) Itzhak Nissim, Ph.D. a Research Professor of Pediatrics, Biochemistry and Biophysics. Dr. Nissim, is a pioneer and internationally prominent scientist in the application of stable isotopes, Mass Spectrometry and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance to study metabolism and metabolic fluxes in normal and disease states; and (2) Marc Yudkoff, M.D., a Professor of Pediatrics, an expert in metabolic diseases, inborn errors of metabolism and urea cycle defects. In addition, the MC@CHOP is staffed by scientists and research associates with over 20 years experience in operation of various mass spectrometry systems, HPLC systems, enzyme assays and data analysis.

Leadership & Staff

Itzhak Nissim, PH.D | Director
(215) 590-3392 

Marc Yudkoff, M.D | Co-Director
(215) 590-7474

Yevgeny Daikhin, PH.D | Scientist II - CHOP Research Institute
(215) 590-1675

Oksana Horyn, PH.D | Senior Research Associate
(215) 590-2298

Ilana Nissim | Senior Research Associate and Core Coordinator
(215) 590-3389

Location and hours of operation

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  3401 Civic Center Blvd
  Philadelphia, PA 19104

Links and Resources

  1. Metabalomics Core Website


Name Role Phone Email Location
Itzhak Nissim, PH.D
(215) 590-3392

Marc Yudkoff, M.D
(215) 590-7474